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About Us

I've always been crafty. Although my family encouraged me to be scholarly, I was attracted to the arts, to thinking, dreaming, creating.

When I lived in Burlington, Vermont many years ago, a friend owned a shop across the lake called The Store in Essex. It had such a plain name, but it was the most beautifully appointed, well edited shop I'd ever seen. Later, when I moved back to San Francisco, there was an antiques store I'd pass on Valencia Street every day that was only open on the weekends. It was such a cool store - I could see all the great things they had for sale through the window - and I'd think to myself "That's kinda awesome they're only open when they really want to be". So, I combined both elements of the two shops I admired, and came up with The Weekend Store.

Now I have my own little storefront/workshop in Berkeley, CA, and I totally love what I do. I am humbled and grateful that I get to make my living by making meaningful treasures out of things that might otherwise be considered obsolete.

- Adjowah 


Me, circa 1976